Who we are

Salvo is a spin-out, formalising the successful incubation process developed within the Innovators technology team. Their pragmatic and technology oriented incubation approach is now open for business.

How we work

Like all effective incubators incubators, Salvo guards its incubations with great care – nurturing and supporting so that their odds of a successful outcome are the best they can be.

Incubators are for vulnerable things. They are not a place to come to rest, they are a place to grow and develop strength.

A critical part of our guardianship is to not allow founders and investors to be lulled into a false security. It’s our prime directive to support ideas that can succeed. We define success as a successful, revenue generating, scalable, responsible, successful business that can grow or be sold.

This makes us very fierce in selecting opportunities from the crowd – and ruthless at each decision point in the development of an idea, opportunity or business. If the technology proves to be impractical, or not scalable, or unachievable at a market acceptable price, if the market testing shows it’s too hard to sell the product, if the existing and/or new solutions pass us by, if the patent searches turn up barriers we can’t see a way through or the team proves to be unable to follow through, we will RECYCLE or EXIT.

Doing this as early as possible is our point of difference. We must be and we are unsentimental about opportunities that present to us for evaluation – and we become increasingly demanding as ideas develop. We stress test businesses regularly, to ensure their approach, technology, market access and team are right – and where we find faults we always flag them and work to correct

This sounds tough because it is. Experience tells us that weakness in these aspects results in expensive, delayed failures.

From idea to market


We test the idea for:

  • feasible (can it be done)
  • marketable (should it be done)
  • investable (does the money agree)

Ideas that successfully pass, are then presented to the Salvo investor group for funding.


Salvo’s job is to help its incubations to achieve. The only way to do that is to have the money to make it happen, so we help find the money.


One of the biggest pitfalls for startups in the lack of knowledge on how to effectively execute their ideas. Salvo has proven and easily available channels in scaling server infrastructure, manufacture, logistics, packaging, etc.

Fill the gaps

Salvo has access to skilled and experienced true full stack technology developers (mechanical / electronics / software / production) for executing on early stage technologies. We help you identify and then fill the gaps with the right professionals.


Salvo is massively connected and can introduce the right skills to help build effective boards.

Business model

We work hard to ensure the business develops a realistic, viable, and sustaining business model.