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Salvo is a technology-business incubator

That probably sounds either deeply dull or really flash, because that’s how incubators try to look, right?
We try very hard to be neither of those. Proudly uncool, hard working, and risk tolerant. No frills, no fanfares – until they are ready. We asses technology ideas, filter out what we think are the winners and then do the hard yards to make sure they do.

Lets be clear – ideas are cheap. They’re everywhere, but most just don’t make it past a smart review. Those that we evaluate have to show signs of feasibility (can it be done), marketability (should it be done), and investability (does the money agree). Great ideas get funded by Salvo and its investor group.

Ripe Time

A young and innovative agri-tech company that offers
a new generation of world-leading ripeness analytics
to help reduce cost of quality and deliver the best produce.

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Snap connect is a novel approach to connectivity that’s about the change your inflight entertainment experience.


A knowledge capturing software that allows teams
to visually zoom in and out of complex processes.

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Eco-friendly, safe, solvent free and low waste ultrasonic spray technology for industrial, domestic and agricultural applications.

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If you are an innovator looking for pragmatic business incubation, an experienced business builder, or have skills that you think fit in a practical startup environment, please get in touch. We’d like to hear from you.

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Our technology-focused incubation programme is privately funded. Through our established network of advisors and mentors, research organisations, and technology entrepreneurs, we identify and develop complex, early stage technologies (IP), identify market needs, and establish leadership teams to incubate and grow high growth potential, global scale, disruptive business ventures. This results in fast developing equity value.

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